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Luella was established in 2013 when its founder, Alison Townshend, was looking for new brands for her retail stores, Sassy & Boo.  Alison knew exactly what her customers wanted but couldn’t always find what she was looking for.  Starting with cashmere blend knitwear, stylish linens and a range of summer cottons, Alison created Luella and began selling the brand in her own stores and to a small handful of other independent boutiques. 

The Classic Star Jumper is now synonymous with Luella and has been imitated at home and abroad.  But that’s just part of the story.  Luella has grown as a brand to offer much more and now creates something new and fresh on a regular basis, bringing customers back time after time. When other brands were following the seasons, Alison was listening to her customers to provide what they wanted, when they wanted it.  Designing monthly collections in one size, has meant there is something for everyone throughout the year.

Having the customer at the heart of everything Alison does, has allowed Sassy & Boo to grow from one shop to nine, and for Luella to be sold in more than 450 stores around the UK, with a growing number overseas, including in the USA and New Zealand.

Whether you shop online, or you visit one of our Luella stockists around the UK, we hope you’ll find something you love about Luella.

Covid-19 Update

The impact of the pandemic means that businesses, including ours and those of our stockists, will find it may take some time to return to normal. As a brand we recognise that we need to support our stockists in whatever way we can.  So, whilst we would love you to shop online with us, we’d also like to encourage you to visit your local independent boutiques and to buy Luella from them, too.  Brands like ours need the high street to be strong and vibrant in every town.  The retail experience at Sassy & Boo, and in many of our stockists’ stores around the country, isn’t just about buying, it’s about connecting with people and helping to foster a sense of community, and with your help we’d like that to continue.

To locate your nearest stockist please email your postcode and the product you’re looking for to and we’ll locate the closest shop to you.  We will send you their contact details and let you know if they have, or can order in, the product you’d like to buy.

Love from Luella x